Permanent TSB boss inquiry

David Guinane to explain why some customers got better tracker rates after complaining

Former Permanent TSB boss David Guinane wanted hearings into his suspected role in the tracker mortgage scandal to be held in public in order to clear his name, the Inquiry has been told in the first day of proceedings in the landmark case.

Mr Guinane, who led PTSB from November 2007 to February 2012, is the first individual to face enforcement action over the tracker mortgage scandal from any financial institution.


What they don’t tell you is whether the contract terminology for the ‘tracker’ product is actually in line with consumer law legislation. Hint. It isn’t. This leads to serious overcharging. Get your audit done now! Contact


Ed Honohan has created a bit of a storm lately which sheds light on the legal ownership and related obligations and possibilities to enforce mortgages. The interest rates charged are also in dispute when a credit servicing agent allegedly took possession of the mortgage.

Is the land registration conclusive proof of ownership?

March 2023

KBC sale to BOI

KBC/IIB Homeloans Mortgages are in the process of being transferred to BOI. KBC customers would have received letters from BOI acknowledging sale and new account numbers. Extra account numbers have been created by BOI then KBC, one for each deal they have under their (single) mortgage account. In order to make sure whether you have been charged the correct interest rate by IIB/KBC, please get an audit done asap! PMJ Audits Europe will check whether you were overcharged! Contact us now for a quote.

When you have an existing mortgage and you can’t keep up your payments, contact us to avail of our report which describes in details whether your bank kept their end of the bargain.

Everyone in Ireland has heard about the Tracker mortgage scandal. What does that mean?

The most obvious issue for people was that the bank asked the customer to change to a fixed rate at sometime during the mortgage, even though the loan offer letter stated that a variable rate tracking ECB REPO applied of around 1.2% markup. After coming out of the fixed rate, many customers weren’t allowed or offered the tracker rate back. This would then result in massive overcharging ranging from 25k to 100k depending on the amount borrowed and the number of years the replacing variable rate (usually 5% +) would have been charged.

Recently Irish banks send cheques to customers stating that their account was overcharged. Before you lodge these cheques (you would admit/settle their proposition) you should have your account examined and compare the outcome of the report with the admitted overcharging. You can use our report to negotiate with the bank.

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